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The primary differences between the OBIEE 10g and 11g security models

What are the primary differences between the OBIEE 10g and 11g security models and what happens during upgrade?




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Generating a Permission Report for Presentation Layer Objects in OBIEE 11G RPD

In earlier versions of OBIEE we dont have an option to audit teh security permissions applied at RPD level. In OBIEE, We can generate a permission report for individual presentation layer objects to see a summary of how permissions have been applied for that object. This great feature helps developers to review the security permissions assigned to objects during our development.

To do this,

1. Open the OBIEE 11G RPD (offline/online) in Administration Tool

2. Select the ALL/required presentation objects form your Presentation Layer and right-click.

3. On the context menu select “Permission Report”

3. The Permission Report dialog displays the name and a description of the selected presentation object, along with a list of users/application roles and their permissions. CLick the Save button to save the permissions in CSV format.

4. Once you saved to a CSV format, you can use that report for the quick auditing of security management.

A sample permission report example is:

Thanks to oracle for saving developers time 🙂



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