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New BI Apps documentation (updated)

If anyone planning to install the new OBI Apps, Use the updated document from Oracle @



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Allow IFrame bursting in/from OBIEE 11G

If you want to display OBIEE 11G content in any other portals using IFrames, You will end up with a message “OBIEE content cannot be displayed in an IFrame”. Because In OBIEE 11G, Oracle added framebusting check, to avoid the clickhacking security atatck.

To control the IFrame rendering we need to add the following tags in instanceconfig.xml within security key and restart the OBI Presentation Service.




OBIEE 11G support 3 modes of IFrame bursting checks

1. prohibit: Never allow OBIEE 11G content to be rendered in IFrame.

2. sameDomainOnly: Allow rendering in IFrame if enclosing page was generated by the server in same domain.

3. allow: Always allows in-IFrame rendering.

So based on your requirement you need to change/add the IFrame bursting configurations to your OBI Presentation Server.

After this, Navigate to <Middleware_Home>\oracleBI1\bifoundation\web\app\WEB-INF\ and open the ‘web.xml‘ file.

Add the following highlighted entry to the file.





Restart all OBIEE 11G services to reflect these changes in application.




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