New OBIEE Sample Application V406

Oracle has released a new OBIEE 11G Sample Application V406. it has everything you think of in OBIEE.. like HTML5, Java and ADF visulations and what not…?

Its available to download as a preconfigured VM image.. download a copy at


What is the fresh meat at a glance?







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OBI Mobile App for Android devices available now

Whew.. The wait is over…Oracle released OBIEE Mobile app for Android devices. We can download it on Google Play @ Now no limits.. Take your data with you wherever you go.. enjoy.

Some screenshots:







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OBIEE 11G configuration’s Maximum Limits

In OBIEE 11G, The instanceconfig.xml file stores the OBI PS configuration settings. Many configuration settings are available in EM and those should be controlled within EM only unless if we disabled centralConfigurationEnabled option. If any particular setting is not available in EM then we should make changes directly in instanceconfig.xml file. There are many situations where we need to change the default OBI configuration settings to a new value.

Interestingly, The OBIEE 11g have the following information on Maximum limits for these configuration settings, in system MBean called “BIDomain.BIInstance.PerformanceConfiguration”. This helps to asses a safe value without guessing.


Be careful when you are setting the Cache attribute values. For implementations under significant stress increase this value to 1000 or a higher value as mentioned below. The main factor that affects its size is the memory consumption.

  • Maximum range of Global Cache storage size (in Megabytes) to use when BI Server cache is enabled – 9,999
  • Maximum number of cache entries; used to tune cache performance – 99,999
  • Maximum size (in Megabytes) for individual server cache entries – 9,999

Data Display/Download:

The Maximum no.of rows that we can set to display/download in the Table/Pivot views. But keep in mind OBIEE is NOT meant to be a tool to extract huge amounts of information.

  • Maximum number of rows of data to include in Table views – 9,999,999
  • Maximum number of rows of data to include in delivered emails – 9,999,999
  • Maximum number of rows to export to excel – 9,999,999


This is the Maximum no.of OBI Components instantiated for the BI Instance within the Oracle Instance when you are scaling out the OBIEE 11G.

  • OBI Presentation Servers – 99
  • OBI Servers – 99
  • OBI Java hosts – 99
  • OBI Cluster Controllers – 2
  • OBI Schedulers – 2

IMHO, this is something every OBIEE Consultant have to know before hand to update the OBI PS configuration settings. I’ll keep this blog post updated with more information I attain and updates from you…

Stay tuned…



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OBI Mobile App Designer Installation

The Oracle BI Mobile App Designer complements BI Mobile HD and is packaged with BI Foundation Suite and the BI Mobile option to OBIEE at no additional cost.

Follow the below steps to install Oracle BI Mobile App Designer:


  • OBIEE [If your version of Oracle BI EE is not, download Patch 16556157: OBIEE BUNDLE PATCH from My Oracle Support].
  • To support Oracle BI Mobile App Designer with Oracle BI Web Catalog, Apply OBIEE MLR Patch 17004920.
  • Download Oracle BI Mobile App Designer patch 17220944 from My Oracle Support.

Installation Steps:

Stop All OBIEE 11G services (Weblogic Admin Server, Managed Server and OPMN services)
Apply OBIEE MLR Patch 17004920 using OPatch utility.
Apply OBI Mobile App designer Patch 17220944 using OPatch utility.
Deploy the OBI Mobile App Designer (MAD) manually using WebLogic configuration assistant as shown in below:
Open Command prompt window and Navigate to <MW_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\common\bin\

Run ‘config.bat’ to start the WebLogic configuration assistant tool.

On welcome screen, select ‘Extend an existing WebLogic domain ‘ and click Next.

Choose the domain to extend, for example: bifoundation_domain

Choose Extend my domain using an existing extension template and Set the Template Location to: <MW_HOME>/Oracle_BI1/common/templates/applications/oracle.bimad_template_11.1.1.jar

On Configuration summary, review the deployment details and click “Extend” button.

Upon successful configuration, you see the following screen. Click “Done” to close this window.

Great. This concludes the OBI MAD application deployment in our OBIEE 11G application. Now we need to update the Security Configurations for OBI MAD. This is mandatory step to use OBI MAD in OBIEE 11G presentation services.

Update Security Configuration for Oracle BI Mobile App Designer:

This is a Python script to update the OBIEE 11G domain (bifoundation_domain) system JAZN file (system-jazn-data.xml) with the security grants required for BI Mobile App Designer. This step is required only the first time you apply the patch.

Navigate to <MW_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\install and run the command: <MW_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\common\bin\wlst.cmd t3://<hostname>:7001 <weblogic_Admin_Username>

For example: D:\MW\Oracle_BI1\common\bin\wlst.cmd t3://shivapc:7001 weblogic

After successful execution, Start All OBIEE 11G services (Weblogic Admin, Managed servers and OPMN)

Once the services are started, Login OBIEE 11G analytics (http://hostname:9704/analytics)

Right after, you logged into OBIEE 11G, click the ‘New’ Menu. In this you will see a new application category called “Mobile Application” and you see the “Mobile App” module. Click on that to start design and developing the reports.

In next blog, I’ll explain how to develop the reports using this OBI MAD.

Shiva Molabanti


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OBI Mobile App designer – A direct app for Any Platform, Any Device, Any Screen Size

Oracle introduced another great application called “Oracle BI Mobile App Designer (MAD)” in Release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE). The Oracle BI Mobile App Designer (MAD) is a new design tool for business users easily to create stunning and interactive analytical applications for use on any major mobile device. With Oracle BI Mobile, businesses have been able to deploy full interactive dashboards with zero additional development using Oracle BI Mobile HD on iOS devices only, and now can create purpose-built mobile analytic applications for any smartphones and tablets with drag-and-drop simplicity using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer. BI Mobile App Designer complements BI Mobile HD and is packaged with BI Foundation Suite and the BI Mobile option to OBIEE.

OBI MAD Highlights:

  • Mobile-first Business Apps – BI Mobile App Designer is the ideal solution for users that want targeted, business-specific mobile apps that are easy and fast to build, require no programming expertise, and can be delivered to users across all the major mobile platforms and devices. Apps are built with support for touch and gestural interactions built in.
  • Intuitive App Design Interface – BI Mobile App Designer has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows business users to select their data visualizations—including tables, charts, navigation panels, repeating grids, images, text narrative, etc.—and then drop these elements onto a palette to create mobile apps within minutes. Third-party plug-ins like Google Maps, Sunburst visualizer, etc., can be incorporated and used in a similar manner. A preview function allows users to preview their apps within a computer’s browser, or on a mobile device by scanning a QR code – without requiring any installation or configuration.
  • Portable Device, Platform, Screen-size Design – BI Mobile App Designer is certified to support iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets. Since it supports HTML5, most mobile browsers can run BI Mobile App Designer apps; it requires no plug-in, no installation, and no download from a third-party app store.
  • Enterprise Integration – Oracle BI Mobile App Designer is a part of and fully integrated with the Oracle BI Foundation. Users can create mobile apps with enterprise data from the BI Semantic layer (RPD), with data from BI Publisher data models, or even Excel data files, with seamless support for and the benefits of role-based data-level security that the Oracle BI Foundation suite provides

A sample Mobile app designer screen:

The result in iPad:

How to get this?

  • BI Mobile App Designer is available now as a patch to Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, version [patch number 17220944 at]
  • BI Mobile App Designer is licensed at no extra charge with Oracle BI Foundation Suite and Oracle BI Mobile.

I’ll keep you guys posted about my experiences with OBI MAD. Stay tuned…




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New OBIEE Sample App V305 ( is released

The new OBIEE Sample app V305 Virtual box image is available on OTN to download @

Highlights of this Sample Application:

  • Optimized deploy and scalability : 64b enterprise install, auto IP recognition
  • BI .7 New Features : Front End – Back End
  • BI + Essbase Integration : PA (Physical Layer Aggregation) spin-off essbase cubes, Security, Calc scripts, Writebacks
  • BI + ORE Integration : Advanced ORE integration-interaction
  • BI + Db Advanced Analytics : Advanced Analytics, NDM, Db Web Services, ODM
  • BI + Endeca Integration : EID reading OBIEE, OBIEE navigating to EID
  • BI + EPM/FR Integration : FR examples, EPM Companion Pack Deploy
  • Other : BI custom functional interactions, Concurrency Simulation, Physical SQL generator




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New BI Apps documentation (updated)

If anyone planning to install the new OBI Apps, Use the updated document from Oracle @



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