New OBIEE Sample App V305 ( is released

12 Jun

The new OBIEE Sample app V305 Virtual box image is available on OTN to download @

Highlights of this Sample Application:

  • Optimized deploy and scalability : 64b enterprise install, auto IP recognition
  • BI .7 New Features : Front End – Back End
  • BI + Essbase Integration : PA (Physical Layer Aggregation) spin-off essbase cubes, Security, Calc scripts, Writebacks
  • BI + ORE Integration : Advanced ORE integration-interaction
  • BI + Db Advanced Analytics : Advanced Analytics, NDM, Db Web Services, ODM
  • BI + Endeca Integration : EID reading OBIEE, OBIEE navigating to EID
  • BI + EPM/FR Integration : FR examples, EPM Companion Pack Deploy
  • Other : BI custom functional interactions, Concurrency Simulation, Physical SQL generator




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4 responses to “New OBIEE Sample App V305 ( is released

  1. zimtalk

    June 18, 2013 at 8:29 pm


    I am faced with a challenge at work. The client is moving reports from Crystal Reports (InSight) to OBIEE 11g. The client wants to pretty much duplicate the report pixel by pixel, even the format has to be identical, so in order to fulfil the requirement, I had to create the analysis and then create a data model so that I can use the BI Publisher, but I am still having lots of issues, to an extend that I am using unions in obiee in order t fulfil some of the requirements.

    Currently I have a pressing issue , the client wants me to create a report based on the current quarter or the dates that are being selected, it should show data for last 4 quarters and drill down the last quarter to show month data in the same report. Please see the image attached. ( The Interesting thing is that, the “current” quarter can be any “quarter ” the user chooses as the “current”

    Ex: select Quarter 3 2012 as the current quarter and it should show data for last 3 quarters including Q3 and Months associated with that quarter.

    Please assist me with the best way of handling this scenario.

    Thank you in advance..

  2. Marco

    July 24, 2013 at 9:32 am

    Hi, it is possible to install the Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tools in the same machine where i have the Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tools


  3. Mohandas Shanmugam

    July 29, 2013 at 5:27 am

    Hi shiva,

    I have downloaded and installed the Sample App V305….but iam not able to log in using Prodney / Admin123….any insight into this……


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