Oracle Fusion Middleware products on IBM WebSphere Application Server

03 May

For those who are interested to know about Fusion Middleware products deployment on application servers other than Oracle weblogic server, here is great information on FMW support with IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS).

On a high level, An IBM WebSphere Application Server (IBM WebSphere AS) cell contains one Application Server. An IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment (IBM WebSphere ND) cell contains one or more Application Servers that can be clustered for high availability and scaled to meet performance needs.

IBM WebSphere ND Cell Topology:

A typical Oracle Fusion Middleware product environment consists of a cell with Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Servers (including one Administration Server) residing on multiple nodes. The Cluster Member 1 and Cluster Member 2 Application Servers are clustered, with on server one Node 1 and the other server on Node 2, allowing for high availability and scalability. Server 1 and Server 2 are not clustered. To scale the environment, you add additional nodes to the cell by federating a machine to the cell, and then add new servers on those nodes.

Oracle Fusion Middleware configuration steps on IBM WebSphere:

Before you can use Oracle Fusion Middleware products in an IBM WebSphere environment, you must create and configure the cell in which the Oracle Fusion Middleware applications will run. The Oracle Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard for IBM WebSphere simplifies the process of creating and expanding a cell for your Oracle Fusion Middleware environment. Using the wizard, you can:

· Create new IBM WebSphere cells

· Add Oracle Fusion Middleware products to the cell

· Modify an existing cell

· Add additional nodes to a cell

· Add Application Servers and clusters to a cell

· Configure the resources in a cell

The Configuration Wizard also provides the option to modify the basic configuration that is created by the product template. For example, you can add Application Servers and clusters, change JDBC data source settings, and change deployment targets.

For configuration:

For more information on FMW with IBM WAS, refer

So with this information we can expect that our OBIEE 11G also can be deployed on IBM WebSphere in addition to WebLogic server. But hold on, just wait and see for official document from Oracle. 🙂




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