OBIEE Reporting Guidelines

05 Sep

  • Refine OBIEE RPD (Repository) as per  requirements
  • Change The Database and Connection Pools Settings in the Repository
  • Import  the Cusotm Tables Required for the Project in the Repository
  • Create the Joins for the Dimensions & facts using the Joins Manager.
  • Create the Aliases to implement the joins as per the requirements
  • Check the Physical model of the Repository
  • Drag & Drop the Objects to the Logical Layer
  • Rename and Remove the columns from the Logical Layer as per the Requirements.
  • Remove the Hard Coded FK Key join in the Logical layer.
  • Create the Complex Joins Between the Facts & Dimensions.
  • Create the Dimensional hierarchy for the Logical Tables.
  • Associate the hierarchy level in the Fact Sources
  • Create the New Measures Required for the Project.
  • Create and Realign the Objetcs in the Presentation Layer as per the Business Needs.
  • Check  the Local and Global Consistency Check of the Repository
  • Fix the Errors, Save the Repository and Deploy the Repository
  • Make the Configuration Changes in the NQS config File.
  • Restart the Oracle BI server and Presenation server services to Refelct the changes made in the Repository.
  • Creation of New Reports in OBIEE Answers as per the Design Document.
  • Creation of Pages as per the Design Document.
  • Creation of Dashboard and Association of Pages with Dashboard
  • Stop the OC4J/IIS and Oracle BI Server to get the Final Web catalog.
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Posted by on September 5, 2008 in OBI EE


One response to “OBIEE Reporting Guidelines

  1. Chindam

    June 30, 2009 at 3:08 am


    Could you please let me know for any report development in OBIEE is there any standard document technical and functional? Like Oracle apps follows AI M documentation MD70 or MD50.

    Please reply ASAP it is very iportant for me.

    Srinivas Chindam


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